The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization (IRIB), as the most comprehensive media in the country, utilizes a vast collection of well-known professionals and artists who are continuously endeavor to disseminate culture, knowledge and information and prepare and produce different types of programs needed by society members. In the age of modern technology, IRIB pursuits its important mission, as an influential and effective medium, to penetrate into the hearts and minds of millions of Iranians and perform its concerned duties. Regarding the unique features of IRIB International Conference Center, this center declares its readiness to host the international and national events. 

Having predicted the necessary requirements, IRIB International Conference Center has taken advantage of the best equipment in order to organize and hold a number of conferences at the national and international levels. Besides, IRIB International Conference Center is regarded the most equipped and the largest seminar hall complex in Iran. As such, this center attempts to create a safe and convenient place to establish useful communication between organizations and promote cultural interactivity in international societies. In this line, IRIB International Conference Center has hosted managers and public relations experts from all the various national and international organizations and entities. Furthermore, this center employs modern tools to always hold the bests

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about conferenceGovernments are constantly trying to grow and expand their management power in a principled structure. Development and improvement of the country's economic situation and progress is not achieved without proper management. There are many theories and methods of management in different fields at all levels, each tested in a country and a system. Without economic development, progress will not be possible in other sectors, such as culture and politics. therefore. Some methods have succeeded and others have failed. In addition to management, industrial engineering is one of the most important and effective methods of management due to its strategic and managerial engineering.

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